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CAMELITTA INK! & Co. is a full-service communications boutique, putting pen to passionate purpose daily.



The maxim goes: ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ I am a believer. Let’s slay some dragons. Better yet, let’s build bridges and create community.

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It’s an integrity approach. Tell us what you want. Bring us your passion agenda and stories. We are committed to bringing them to life, and indeed, to a live, engaged audience.

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Heart and soul, Camelitta INK! & Co. is the place where we simultaneously fine-tune, expand the vision and build community. Reach One. Teach One. #penpassionpurpose


The purpose of writing is to communicate. Effectively. Directly. One to one. At this crucial stage, you set the tone. My responsibility, taken to heart: to listen.

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The editing process can be beautiful. Truly your presence here says the world about your passion to see your copy through to final publication. As a professional editor with an eye on your deadlines, I am pleased to offer developmental editing, copy editing and proofreading services to meet your specific project needs.

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I have a passion for mentorship i.e. hard-won experience training, coaching and developing others. Add to that a keen eye for fostering creativity and innovation among youth and women; and you understand the PUSH. Whether one-on-one, or other favorable mix, let’s take your ideas from head and heart, to paper, press and onto your own markers for success. Yes!

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Hostess (Events)

My investment is ever in my Circle and Community. A friend reminded me recently: “Stress is good. It says, I need to be somewhere, but I am not there yet. But I need to be patient, because I am going to get there.” One of the gifts, in which I am invested is High-Touch Hospitality. My intention is to create the environment, to set the atmosphere, to offer the space for YOU to thrive. YOUR invitation is on its way.

The Caribbean-Writer?! Vol. 1

As a writer, I’ve always been pre­oc­cu­pied with what the Caribbean-writer writes. I don’t despise the hyphen­ated way I see my writer. Hon­estly, I have never imag­ined writ­ing for writ­ing sake, or as some­thing I’ve had to do to be whole, but rather some­thing I...
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I truly believe that every one has a story they must share, irrespective of STYLE, SCALE or STAGE.

Tynisha C. Leon, Founder @ CAMELITTA INK! & Co.

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